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Monday, 29.11.2021
Контрольно-измерительное и стендовое оборудование. Промышленная автоматизация. Инжиниринг и производство.

Engineering services

Engineering services offered by our company


1. Task

2. Engineering solutions and documentation

  • study, task definition;
  • design, technical assignment agreement;;
  • research, evaluation of ready solutions;

    engineering documentation design and agreement:








    Hardware and technical base completion, reconstruction, update:

3. Parts:

Consulting – Selection – Selling – Maintenance

For your tasks we propose ready complex solutions and parts from the best global producers in the different spheres.

Our company regularly uses the proposed products in the works and projects, many years operation revealed operational reliability of taken solutions and ease of maintenance.

Our suppliers` products are certificated on the territory of the Russian Federation, have conformity certificates and documentation in Russian. In addition, the most of companies have Technical Support Services, make repair and have in-demand products warehouse.

Our pricing policy offers competitive prices with the best or similar technical characteristics of the proposed products.


*The list of main suppliers in the different spheres is mentioned below.

4. Production

5. Implementation

6. Service

  • Mechanical components, jigs, gauges, etc.;
  • Process control cabinets, instruments, panels;
  • configuration, programming, adjustment


  • supervision;
  • commissioning: adjustment, calibration, debugging, integration with the existing systems;
  • delivery to the customer services;
  • training of operators, maintenance staff
  • warranty, after-sales service;
  • primary, scheduled certification;
  • support.