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Monday, 29.11.2021
Контрольно-измерительное и стендовое оборудование. Промышленная автоматизация. Инжиниринг и производство.


Control and measuring equipment

Test stands and units

One of key purposes of modern production enterprises is non-destructive quality control of products. The following widespread objectives should be noted in the engineering industry:

  • Precise linear and angular dimensions inspection;
  • Leak test.

To solve problems of linear and angular dimensions precise inspection we present commercially produced self-engineered device – air-operated length gauge «Aerotest».



Length gauges «Aerotest»

Length gauge produced by our company is a combination of air control method and digital data processing technologies. It is an air electronic device.

Working with a special measuring air devices the length gauge lets to make a linear dimension inspection within the accuracy of 0.0001 mm – one-tenth of a micron.

Length gauge measuring unit
Air Electronic Unit-1 «Aerotest» is certificated and registered in the state register of measuring facilities.



There are three main types of

length gauges «Aerotest»

  • Two-channel device with two vertical scales and current dimension digital indicators;
  • Multichannel device with digital indicators;
  • Multichannel device with computer connected interface;




Is designed for work in the shopfloor conditions:

  • on the working station of machine operator;
  • Technical Control Department controller;
  • within control and measuring complex;
  • automated production line.

Is used for:

  • control of linear dimensions: outer, inner diameters, thickness, height, depth, grooves, slots angles;
  • sorting to the size groups;
  • control of form error: obliquity, cut, out-of-roundness, barreling, alignment;
  • control of end face and radial run-out, spatial relationship;
  • out-of-parallelism, out-of-squareness, etc.;
  • pair selection;
  • in-process gauging;




Main technical characteristics

Number of measuring channels From 2 to 8
Measuring range Till 250 mcm
Display reading increment 0.1 mcm/ 1 mcm
Main absolute error 1 mcm, not more
Actual fractional error (from control range) 2%, not more (i.e. for range 10 mcm – 0.2 mcm)
Indicated values range ±1 mcm, not more
Time of indicated values displaying mean time – 0.2 с, maximum time – 2 с
Working pressure range from 0.8 to 2.5 kg/cm2
Cycles-to-failure 300000 cycles, not less
Operating life 10 year, not less
Calibration interval 1 year
Air feeding – compressed air GOST 17433-80 purity - category 1, dew point - category 3
Power supply 220±20 V AC, 50±1 Hz (on request  5, 12, 24 V DC)
Digital interfaces on request RS 232/485, USB


Our length gauges «Aerotest» advantages are: reasonable price
  • extended accuracy;
  • little time of indicated values displaying (quick response);
  • simple setting and resetting for different jigs and ranges;
  • presence of controlled parameters digital indicators;
  • color scale with color marks;
  • multipage memory for different jigs used with the gauge;
  • digital and signal interfaces of connection with higher level control systems;

Also, our length gauges work with pneumatic jigs of other air operated gauges. It lets use them instead of broken-down or out-dated models of air operated gauges.

Length gauge works with pneumatic jigs designed for inspection purposes. Cleaned compressed air is required for the gauge and jig work.

Length gauges «Aerotest» are easy in use and simple in work, they do not require special maintenance.

Multi-parameter control and measuring complexes with computer control are created on the base of multichannel length gauges. They are used for control of difficult geometry parts or several controlled parameters parts.


Typical purposes

On the base of independent devices and

special control units


Automobile, aircraft industry

parameters control of:

  • piston group parts – diameter, form error, size groups, grooves angles, etc.;
  • diameter, between-centers distance, connecting rods axles crossing, etc.;
  • crankshaft, camshaft journals, cams profile;
  • seats for bearings, guide bushes, etc.;
  • on-board hydraulicsdistribution units, spool valves, hydraulic cylinders, etc.;
  • turbine pumps, gyroscopes, nozzle clusters, nozzles


Oil industry, artillery

parameters control of:

  • diameters and alignment of cylinders, plungers, gun barrels, guns barrels with lands and grooves, pairs selection by gap;


Bearings industry

parameters control and automatic sorting machines

  • diameters, form error;
  • end face, radial run-out;
  • automatic sorting machines;



control of semiconductor wafers parameters

  • thickness, variation in thickness, deflection, buckling, out-of-flatness;

In-process gauging while sanding and honing.