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Monday, 29.11.2021
Контрольно-измерительное и стендовое оборудование. Промышленная автоматизация. Инжиниринг и производство.

Executed projects. 1



MICRO-AERO" Measuring system is a device made on the base of “Aerotest” length gauge. It is designed for geometrical parameters control of silicon, gallium-arsenide and other materials semiconductor wafers. The parameters to be controlled: thickness, variation in thickness, deflection and buckling.


  • Customers: ELMA OJSC, EPIEL CJSC, Zelenograd;

  • A.V. Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography, Moscow

  • Research Institute of Material and Technology CJSC, Zelenograd

  • Kontsern ENERGOMERA OJCS, Stavropol








Kamskiy Motorniy Zavod (Kama Motor Factory) LLC is the customer of control and measuring instruments and units made on the base of "Aerotest“ length gauge for parameters control of piston group parts, i.e.

  • piston,

  • liner,

  • pin.


Control of holes diameter, outer diameter, obliquity, surface profile, angles of grooves, group sorting.





Inspection stands and machines of Bottom Hole Pump (BHP).

Manual and automate control and measuring instruments: control of diameters, BHP cylinder and piston alignment, selection of cylinder - piston pairs under specified seating parameters before putting into operation, after repair; checking of break-down force of locking shoes, piston effort; control of valve couple integrity, etc.

Special software for pumps operation record.

Customers: I


  • zhneftemash OJSC,


  • Rosneft OJSC,

  • Surgut-neft OJSC,

  • etc.








  • Izhneftemash OJSC: leak tester for valve couples.

  • ROSKAT-AVTO LLC: leak testers for catalytic collectors for AVTOVAZ OJSC vehicles.

  • Votkinskiy zavod OJSC: leak testers for special products.








  • Research and Production Association Itelma OJSC: leak tester for vehicle parts of GAZ OJSC.

  • AvtoVazAgregat OJSC: leak tester for fuel tubes.

  • Buguruslanskiy zavod “Radiator” OJSC: stands for car radiators leak test by means of overpressure and depression with geometry control and heat-resistant labeling system.






  • Leak test stands for engine exhaust pipes;

  • Leak test stand for engine cylinder head (2111, 2112);

  • Leak test stand for steering gear housing;

  • Leak test stand for fuel system and fuel evaporate emission system (FEES) applied on the assembled vehicle;

  • Leak test stand for NIVA and NIVA-Chevrolet receivers;






Technical requirements compliance stands for the incoming inspection in AVTOVAZ OJSC.


  • Car generator inspection stands: checking of electric and electronic performances with load;

  • Car starter inspection stand: checking of electric, torque and speed performances.








Electric Power Steering Inspection stand: checking of force/torque compensation and power assistance when specific operation parameters simulation; controller interface diagnostics.



Car locks inspection stand (KALINA, PRIORA): checking of power operation characteristics and stroke;

Shock-absorbers power characteristics inspection stand: checking of power characteristic of compression and decompression cycles, stroke on different loads;


Engine sensors inspection stand (phase sensor, speed sensor, crankshaft position sensor): checking of electronic performances and sensor wave shapes.


Unit for brake disks (VAZ 2110, 2112) geometrical parameter inspection: checking of dimensions, thickness, run-out and surfaces.

Parameters inspection unit on the base of “Aerotest” length gauge:


  • Diameter and form error of flywheel ring;

  • Diameter and form error of flywheel ring gear;

  • Diameter of connector rods, perpendicularity of generatrix to the end face.









Test stand for gas-dynamic resistance of catalytic collectors.

  • Checking of catalytic collector path passability.

Votkinskiy zavod OJSC.

Izotest-P” automation unit.


  • Checking of functionality of impulse cartridge launch panel.







  • Test stand of “Agidel” water pumps. Checking of p-q curve, pumping pressure, stationary operating condition at maximum and minimum permissible electric mains supply.


  • Test stand of oil progressive cavity pumps geometrical parameters. Checking of geometry of screw piston and cylinder inner race.

Technology LLC, Izhevsk.


  • Test stand of operational characteristics of oil progressive cavity pumps. Checking of p-q curve, pumping pressure, efficiency.


Most demonstrative units for geometrical parameters test are made on the base of “Aerotest” length gauge:

  • Test of spherical surfaces geometry;

  • Geometry test of artillery gun barrels with lands and grooves;

  • Test of spool valves with lands and holes on the working surface (implemented on the base of special software, its simplicity is comparable with smooth shaft inspection)

  • In-process gauging when horning (ZMZ OJSC liner, connecting rod)











  • Equipment modernization of control systems of Siemens automation line for transportation of underbody assy.

ROSEVROPLANT LLC, Zavialovo, the Udmurt Republic.

Automation of Potatoes store.


  • Development and manufacture of the automatic climate control mechanisms and units in the vegetable store, its configuration, assembly of control cabinets.

  • Development and implementation of special software.


Volskiy Mekhanicheskiy Zavod (Volsk Mechanical Plant), Federal state unitary enterprise.

  • Assembly of operation panels for special products. Configuration and manufacture, commissioning of State Defense Procurement and Acquisition products under the Developer’s documentation.

Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Izhevsk State Technical University”

Training stand.


  • Metal treatment with application of tool equipped with strain gauge transducers. Training software.














TMS-Servis Management Company LLC, Almetyevsk.

Ordered Research and Development for TATNEFT OJSC.


  • Development of exploratory prototype of management and stationary control system for bottom-hole pumps energy consumption and technical condition control.

For our customers


On the base of experience and exploratory works we are ready to complete your tasks as follows:

  • Instrumentation with modern control and measuring equipment, devices and component parts;

  • Industrial automation tasks;

  • Execute design engineering, research and development works.


Best regards,


Personnel of SDEB Pribor LLC.