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Monday, 29.11.2021
Контрольно-измерительное и стендовое оборудование. Промышленная автоматизация. Инжиниринг и производство.

Test stands

Our specialists make ordered design of different kinds of control test stands, in demand because of necessary quality and functional characteristics control of manufactured products, assembled equipment units, devices and etc. on incoming inspection, in the Technical Control Department areas, on the subassembly lines, etc.


Design main principles

  • use of non-destructive inspection means which do not impact on the tested equipment characteristics;
  • metrological characteristics of extended accuracy inspection means;
  • maximum automatic execution of control cycles (human factors minimization);
  • use of automation equipment of leading global producers for assurance of operational reliability, long operating life, availability in case of necessary change;
  • inspection visual and graphic support, parameters and characteristics displaying in the dialogs on the control systems upper level displays
  • inspection results accumulation, inspection results static and analytic treatment, formation of inspection protocols printing forms.


Among realized design there are four main groups of test stands and units:

  • leak test stands and units;
  • geometric parameters test systems;
  • stands and units of functional check and technical requirements conformity;
  • training and research stands and units;




Leak test stands and stations on the base of «Aerotest - HERM» (hermiticity) unit

For leak test purposes our company proposes solutions on the base of self-designed standard unit - «Aerotest - HERM».

The unit is designed for leak test both with compressed air overpressure, and by depression method. Leak test differential scheme is used in the unit, with a pressure drop control with differential-pressure traducer, or permissible leak control with a flow meter.

Different «Aerotest - HERM» units versions are used for products of different volume from several cubic centimeters to hundreds liters, of different materials, different test pressure from depression to 5…10 кPa of absolute pressure, to overpressure about 15 МPa.

«Aerotest - HERM» unit can be equipped with special unit which lets to set up filling and pressure release speed, step modes of supply and release.


Controlled leakage limits
  • pressure drop – till 1 Pa/s;
  • leakage – till 0,035 ml.n./min for air.
(1 ml = 1 cm3, n. – normal conditions 101325 Pa, 0 0С)


For hermetic sealing of different kinds of holes, flanges, threads, etc. our specialists design special mechanical, if possible automated jigs – sealing devices.

«Aerotest - HERM» unit with hermetic sealing devices and other additional automation and control facilities form leak test units and stands. Also, they can be integrated into the existing and newly designed process lines.

Used automation means are certificated, «Aerotest - HERM» unit measuring channels sensors are registered in the measuring means state register.